Cultural Club

The Ministers’ Hill Baptist Higher Secondary School organizes cultural day as a part of the annual event of the school. The programme is held in the school premise where all the students and teachers wear their own traditional attires.

The cultural day is being incorporated as a school event to value and preserve our rich and unique cultural heritage that has been inherited by us from our ancestor. Through this event the children also comes to know and respect the diverse cultural that will help us to co-exist peacefully with one another. It opens a door for the teachers and students to come together and built a good rapport between them by taking part in the various cultural activities and learning from one another about their culture and traditions.

All the students from various classes are assigned different activities. It is important for students to be culturally aware about other cultures, languages, and religions aside from their own. Being culturally aware is a wonderful way to promote inclusion for all in your classroom. It helps build tolerance, curiosity and respect for others. The more students are aware of other cultures, the more able they will be to recognize the beauty of diversity.