Anti- Tobacco Club


The school Anti-Tobacco Club observes World No Tobacco Day every year on 31st May. World No Tobacco Day is celebrated to emphasize on the health and other risks associated with tobacco use and advocating for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. The main objective of the club is to make the student aware the harmful effects of tobacco and its products. The club help the students and highlight the health risks of using tobacco by spreading the message through various activities organized by the Anti-tobacco Club of the school.

“Ministers’ Hill Baptist Higher Secondary School was declared as a tobacco free school by the District Tobacco Control Cell, Kohima on 14th September 2014.

The Club aims to increase awareness highlighting the health and other risks involved in consuming tobacco through placards, posters, skits, seminars, paintings and various competitions.

Students of different classes are selected to assist the teacher-in-charge in carrying out the different activities conducted by the club. Some of the effective policies adopted by the anti-tobacco club are summarised as under:

  • Frequent frisking of the students inside the school campus.
  • Inspection and checking of spit stain in and around the campus.
  • Anti-tobacco day is also observed giving awareness on the various diseases caused by consuming tobacco.
  • Posters with message on negative effects of the use of tobacco are displayed on the walls of the school premises.

Inorder to prevent and discourage the use of tobacco and its various products, the school has made certain rules and regulations which is strictly implemented and followed by the students, teachers and parents as they enters the school campus. Actions are taken after initial warnings. Counselling for both parents and students are given on a regular basis.